10 Reasons Businesses Should Hire Former Counselors
By Anne Archer Yetsko

“When I speak with friends who work in other industries, I always tell them that if you have an applicant who has been a camp counselor and has a positive reference from that camp, they should move to the top of that pile of applications that are overflowing on their desk…”

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As a staff member at Camp Taum Sauk, you will gain experience in the following life-long skills:

Responsibility - There is no greater responsibility than caring for other people’s children. Camp counselors are responsible for the 24-hour care of a group of children. A counselor’s role is essential to camp’s successful operation.

Teamwork - Camp provides a unique opportunity where counselors live, work, and have fun together. The friendships that develop over the summer, are some of the strongest and long-lasting relationships. Camp counselors learn to adapt as they live and work with a wide range people with different personalities and backgrounds.

Communication Skills - Without the distraction of social media and technology, camp counselors strengthen their communications skills by having face-to-face interaction with other staff members and campers. Camp counselors learn how to read social cues and practice conflict resolution on a daily basis.

Creativity and Problem Solving - Camp counselors learn to be flexible and think quickly when there is a program schedule change. Whether it’s altering plans due to weather or figuring out how to motivate your cabin group to go to an activity or complete a task, camp counselors learn to be creative and solve problems.

Leadership - Children want and need positive role models in their lives. Campers can relate to counselors, therefore creating an opportunity for counselors to have a positive influence as campers navigate through adolescence. As a mentor, counselors are forced to to examine their own behavior and conduct themselves appropriately at all times. It is a powerful life-changing experience to be a role model for a child. 

Selflessness - The nature of the job as a camp counselor is humbling. Counselors primary focus is the safety and well-being of the campers in their care, at the expense of personal freedom and privacy. Young adulthood is often a very self centered time in one’s life, seeking instant gratification and spontaneity. Being selfless makes people happier and more fulfilled, and we often hear that counselors feel like the best version of themselves because of camp.

The benefits of being a camp counselor at Camp Taum Sauk will last a lifetime!