FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where do campers come from?

We are so fortunate to have campers come to Camp Taum Sauk from all over the world. While most of our campers come from the St. Louis area, many are regularly from Kansas City, Chicago, New Jersey, Colorado, Texas, Las Vegas, as well as many surrounding areas. In addition, we have received campers from Mexico, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, and England. Many of these campers are second and third generations, who have heard countless stories about the “magic” of Camp Taum Sauk from their parents and grandparents.

How is transportation arranged?

Bus Transportation is included in the camp tuition. Campers arrive at camp via an air-conditioned highway coach from St. Louis. We are happy to meet any camper at the St. Louis airport and transport them to camp. However, it is the family’s responsibility to make the plane reservations. 

How long are the camp sessions?

Camp Taum Sauk offers 1,2,3,5,6 and 7 week sessions. At Camp Taum Sauk, we strive to provide the best possible summer camp experience. We encourage campers to enroll for a minimum of two weeks, thus allowing additional time for self discovery, friendship and growth. At the same time, our one-week campers report that they love their camp experience, and come back year after year, or request to extend their stay at camp!

How many campers attend each session?

Camp Taum Sauk accommodates 65 boys and 65 girls each session, with cabins complete with bathrooms for the latter. The campers-to-staff ratio of 5:1 provides around-the-clock supervision, including two counselors for each cabin.

Is Camp Taum Sauk accredited?

Camp Taum Sauk is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA). The ACA accreditation process includes over 300 standards encompassing many aspects of the camp including; staff selection and training, program creation & safety, health & welfare, and camp administration. Our camp works diligently in order to comply with all of the relevant ACA standards, and will continue to evaluate and update all areas according to these standards.

What about your camp counselors and staff?

Camp Taum Sauk takes great pride in providing a caring and nurturing environment, where every staff member becomes part of our camp family. 
Our amazing staff is comprised of college students, teachers, coaches, artists, musicians, athletes, performers, and all share an appreciation for the incredible impact of the summer camp experience. Many staff members are former campers and are selected based on the highest standard  including, interviews, references and complete background checks. All staff members are First Aid/CPR certified and attend an intense pre-camp orientation.

What does a typical day look like?

Camper scheduled activities change daily. 

7:30 am Reveille & Wake-up
8:00 am Breakfast
9:15 am-12:15 pm Morning Activities
12:30 pm Lunch
1:30-3:00 pm Rest Period
3:00-5:15 pm Afternoon Activities
5:30 pm Dinner
6:00-7:15 pm Sports & Free Time
7:30-8:45 pm Evening Program
8:45-9:00 pm Treats & Song Time
9:15 pm Taps & Bedtime

Will my child be required to participate in every activity?

Our goal at CTS is to provide a fun experience for every camper. What makes a camp so special is the wide range of activities that each camper is encouraged to learn. However, if a child does not want to participate, they are free to try another supervised activity to their liking. It is all about making the camping experience enjoyable.

What are the camper and staff annual retention rates? 

Our greatest joy is to see many of our campers and staffs return year after year. Since the beginning, annual camper retention is between 65 - 75%.  Staff retention is 75%. Everyone remains part of our CTS camp family!

What if my child needs medical care?

Our health center consists of two licensed health care professionals and an off-site licensed doctor (M.D.) available 24 hours. Emergency care is only 20 miles from camp. All medications are located in the camp health center and administered by our trained licensed health care professionals.

What is the food like?

Being a family-owned camp since inception, providing home cooked meals is essential. Our kitchen staff is our extended family as many have been with us for over 20 years. Providing balanced meals are critical to give our campers the necessary energy to enjoy the various activities. As parents find out during the sessions, the meals served are extremely popular. Campers are seated according to their cabins. Our building is fully air-conditioned so that everyone enjoys a break from the summer weather.

Do you provide laundry services?

Camper’s laundry is done in the middle of the three week session and during session breaks for stay-over campers. Laundry service is  not provided for two week campers. Please pack accordingly for the time that your camper is with us. Please mark your child’s name (not their initials) on each laundry bag as well as each piece of clothing. A local service does our camper laundry and the fee for this service is charged to the camper’s account. Camp will not be responsible for lost or damaged articles.

Can I send a care package?

Absolutely! In addition to the camp packet, we also provide several outside resources that provide assistance in putting together care packages. Nothing better than seeing a camper’s face open a package from home and sharing with his/her cabin.